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From headboards to coffee tables, from elegant river tables to imposing epoxy doors – here you can find it all. We offer handmade & customized wood art, either combined with epoxy resin or turned into driftwood sculptures. 

Explore wall decor such as clocks with epoxy resin or directly order your customized angel wings made of driftwood.

Epoxy resin and solid wood furniture


a special kind of connection

When natural wood and epoxy resin converge, they result in creations that are made to last a lifetime.
The union of these two materials can be used in various ways. Not only for the manufacture of solid furniture, but also for customized worktops, café facilities, bar counters or unique lamps.
Your creativity knows no limits since our products are fully customizable and come in all colors and shapes.

We can’t wait to hear your ideas.

Refining with epoxy resin, what does that mean?

Wood products that are refined with epoxy resin have been the trend in the recent years.

Filling the epoxy resin into the cracks and splits of the wood include complex manual work and time-consuming steps. This effort is carried out layer by layer. Each phase of the manufacturing process requires its own craftsmanship.

There are no limits to creativity. All colors and shapes, as well as creations that are reminiscent of landscapes, rivers or the sea are possible. Whether modern minimalist or pompous and exotic, epoxy resin furniture or doors can be adapted to every taste.


We are experts in creating epoxy tables and wall art, made of live edge panels or driftwood.

What you can find here:

  • Designer tables
  • Couch and lounge tables
  • Benches
  • Bed headboards
  • Sliding doors
  • Island worktops
  • Cabinet and drawer fronts
  • Kitchen fronts
  • Stair steps
  • Sculptures

    If you are looking for larger projects such as hotels, cafes etc. you are at the right place with us.

Is your creativity awakened? Do you want to create your own unique piece of epoxy or driftwood art?

Then get started. The process couldn’t be easier:

  • Tell us your measurements and if possible, a reference picture that inspired you.
  • You can tell us all the details that are important to you.
  • The more we learn about it, the better we can prepare your offer.
  • We always have demo models for photography purposes in our shop.
    If you don’t want to wait that long, have a look at our shop, maybe your dream piece is already waiting for you there.


Contact us and tell us about your idea and your desired design.


Together we will find the right type of wood and your desired epoxy colour.


Together we will select table legs, door handles or other accessories for your project.


As soon as you give your OK, your unique item will be produced.


We need 6-9 weeks for the production and deliver your work of art directly to your home.

Contact us, we are very excited about your heart project!


When looking for special home accessories, you will sooner or later come across beautiful objects made of driftwood. Due to the uniqueness of each individual driftwood, no piece of furniture or decorative element can be copied. Each piece is unique and therefore particularly precious.

Driftwood or waste wood is extracted naturally without having to cut a tree. It’s mostly the branches of trees that grow on the edge of the river and naturally fall into the water. These pieces of trees, sometimes whole trees, can wander in bodies of water for years until they wash ashore. Driftwood furniture or decorative elements are therefore creations of nature. The pure cycle of Mother Nature continuously supplies us with the raw material that has always existed. This means that every item made from driftwood is a successful contribution to sustainability.

Creating these pieces is a time-consuming process and the design options are limited. But what you can do with it, will leave you speechless. Driftwood is mainly used to make driftwood lamps, sculptures such as angel wings, animal sculptures or other abstract wall decoration. But you can also make furniture such as tables or room dividers from waste wood according to customer’s request.

At Aboutwood you will find furniture that underlines your attitude towards life. With our noble solid wood furniture, you combine naturalness with exclusive design and bring out your individual taste.

Our personalized solid wood furniture and sculptures combine sustainability with style. They create a warm and cozy ambience in all your living spaces.

An epoxy resin dining table or a stylish back wall for your bedroom, let your creativity run free.

Practical office shelves don’t have to look boring and monotonous. Enjoy the beautiful things that surround you even during your working hours. Completely redesign your office and refine it with epoxy resin furniture. Do you prefer it rustic? No problem either, we also supply tables, shelves, desks and bed headboards with natural wood edges or made from driftwood. There is something for every taste.

You and your guests will be delighted every time. Because epoxy resin is not only suitable for furniture finishing or decoration. Kitchen utensils such as serving boards, trays, wooden cutlery, bowls and wine tables are also made with epoxy resin. The results are beautiful and long-lasting. We honor and support the craft, therefore only handmade epoxy resin products are offered in our shop.
















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